Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tracing Memory-project for the University.

 We’ve all traveled many kilometers to come to study in the United Kingdom. Some people have come from cities only half an hour away, but others has traveled thousands of kilometers and many hours.
They can’t go back home for the weekend, or if they have a day off. They’ve left all their friends, their families, their homes and favorite places far behind their back for one purpose-education and success!
The sacrifice is really big, and when you’re so far away from home, when you don’t know anybody, when the language is not your mother tongue, and when everything is so different from your home, you actually realize what loneliness means!
You need only a few weeks, to get used to the environment, to find new friends, to make your new home cozier and get back to your normal life.
But there is always something which reminds you of your home, which keeps you different, which makes you feel like you are back at home, and which gets things back to normal.
It might be an object, a flag, a cloth, a picture, a souvenir or even food. It’s your memory of home, of friends etc. I decided to take pictures of some foreign people, who are currently living in the United Kingdom. The main idea is to show something which they have brought from there homes, which is important for them and which is like a souvenir, which reminds them of their country.
I’ve chosen five different persons, from five different countries, with five different languages. All from Europe.

... your world is nothing more than all the tiny things you’ve left behind ...

Thank you for watching, I'd happy with any comments and feedback.


  1. Great idea! I really like this project and the diversity of the pictures/poses.

    Big up V!Hope you will develop it further...

  2. Thank you! Ама можеше и на Български! :P I have another similar project in mind and I hope I'll finish it by the end of February! :)

  3. thank you vesko! :) The workshop day was a lot of fun!!

  4. Добра серия единство имам резерви към бръш-скрипта който си ползвал като шрифт. Някой неутрален с минимум две тежени, би свършил чудесна работа.