Thursday, February 2, 2012


Beauty is in the simple things...

That was my last shoot for 2011.
Model: Charlotte B @ Leni's model managment
Styling: Melissa Peck 
Shot with Bronica SQ-B
 on Ilford HP5+

And Mr. Victor H4D 40. ;) 
Thanks for watching.
I'd be grateful for any feedback and comments.


  1. Great pictures, a bit on the dark side though.

    Personally I think the background could have been a bit better.

    All in all really great shots though, the model feels quit natural and the tonal range is nice as well.

  2. Thanks :)
    The idea was about natural girl, we used just a little bit make up.
    And the background is exactly as planned. I've tried lighting it with a new method and it worked perfect, my only issue is that it's not even, however, the gradation from dark to brighter areas is exactly as planned.
    I can't say it could be brighter though. On my monitor is more than enough. ;)